The Best way to Work with a Headhunter

Many job candidates are unsure how much information they should share with a recruiter. What qualifies as “need to know” information for a recruiter working with Vancouver-based companies? How much should you tell them and what should you keep to yourself? To help you through this process, here’s some advice for working with Vancouver headhunters.

In fact, it’s ultimately up to you whether you want to divulge everything or not, but most Vancouver headhunters agree that honesty is the best policy. You can do permanent damage to your working relationship and your reputation if you’re not entirely truthful. Rest assured that they work in your interest to match you with a position that suits your skillsets and ambitions. Not being truthful could lose you a great source of leads on openings that don’t make it into the job board circuit.

But the biggest concern is that if you aren’t completely truthful about your experience, skills, and expectations, they could match you to a job that really isn’t right for you. Vancouver headhunters use your information to find the best fit. You could also wind up wasting a lot of your time in interviews for roles that aren’t meant for you. There’s only so long you can disguise a lack of experience or a certain skill set.

For most job applicants, honesty regarding their qualifications is a non-issue. Their cover letter and resume generally outline their qualifications, experience, and skills. This is the information headhunters use to match you with the best roles for you. It helps them understand your career expectations and the realities of your qualifications, which they apply to their work with firms.

More commonly, issues arise with the extra information. For example, the Vancouver headhunters at IQ Partners the-best-way-to-work-with-a-headhunterwill ask you several questions, and this is the information they report candidates often holding out on:

  1. Other interviews – When you tell your recruiter which other firms you’ll be interviewing with, they can avoid embarrassing duplication, or they could even score you that interview even faster if they happen to know someone within the company. At firms like IQ Partners, recruiters specialize in particular industries by spending a lot of time networking and building relationships.
  1. References – This gives your headhunter an idea of thecontext of your search. This additional information helps them understand you as a candidate and that helps them match you to the roles to which you’re best suited.
  1. The money – Your current salary is an indication to the recruiter of the kind of compensation you are looking for in a new position. However, you may be looking to switch companies to earn more money. If that’s the case, let them know that you want to focus on roles with a higher salary. At firms like IQ Partners, ambition never goes unrecognized.

Keep in mind that recruiters will do their due diligence when they work with you. They routinely investigate professional connection and social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as run standard Google searches to find out more about you. That can be a quick indication of the kind of job applicant you are – it’s in your best interest to form an open and honest relationship with your recruiter.

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